TechUsed – Thinking Globaly While Acting Locally
Working to solve the real problem of Electronic and Computer scrap.
“The 3 R’s of recycling should be Repurpose, Resell, Recycle”
– According to Ron Bragg, Founder of TechUsed Computer Recycling.

“There is way too much grinding up of reusable or repurposeable equipment in our industry today.”

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Facing Reverse Logistics cost
or processing problems?

The outsourcing of Reverse Logistics
to a third party logistics provider may be the wisest choice.

Above all, We keep the process simple and inexpensive for all involved.

Reverse Logistics

Corporate Asset Recovery
Reverse Logistics
Zero Landfill Recycling

TechUsed ensures the safe and secure disposal of all computer and telecommunication equipment:

We provide customized solutions to clients transferring technologies, going through a hardware upgrade, or simply looking to reclaim value from retired assets.

Why TechUsed?

Corporate Asset Recovery
Reverse Logistics
Zero Landfill Recycling

Ron Bragg, President
TechUsed Asset Recovery
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Columbus, Ohio 43207
Telephone: 614-777-5557 x207
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